Explanations for staking YFI2C tokens on our application: Yfi2.club

When you hold YFI2C tokens.

1- Go to our application: https://yfi2.club

2- Click on the “Staking” button

3-Click on the staking buttons of your choice:

Rewards 0.2% / day

Rewards 1% / day

Rewards 2% / day

He makes it known:

For those who buy YFI2C tokens in presale at this address: https://app.bounce.finance/fixed-swap/5255

you receive your YFI2C tokens directly in your wallet and you can stake them immediately on our Dapp:


To earn interest!

As a reminder:

3 days of staking, you earn 0.2% more YFI2C tokens per day.

10 days of staking, you earn 1% more YFI2C tokens per day.

30 days of staking, you earn 2% more YFI2C tokens per day.

This allows you to earn + 50% on the price of the YFI2C token in presale (before its official launch on Uniswap), but also it allows you to earn interest on YFI2C even before the token is listed on Uniswap!

4- example: If you choose to earn only 0.2% interest per day, click on the bonton: Reward 0.2% / day

You thus arrive on the page:


On this 0.2% rewards page, click that 0.2% / day rewards button again.

You arrive on this page which asks you to connect your wallet (Metamask, Trust wallet or others …)

Then, log into your wallet and once logged into your wallet, the stake page is displayed with all the information about your stake.

Then enter in the STAKE box, the number of YFI2C tokens you wish to stake and click on the STAKE button so that the staking begins and your winnings begin to appear on the Pending line.

To verify your transaction, simply click on the link in the middle of the “View Transaction History on Etherscan” page.

There you have it, you just have to wait and watch your winnings add up every day. If you wish to withdraw your winnings, you must enter the “Unstake” box, the number of YFI2C tokens you wish to withdraw and your winnings will be paid directly to your wallet.

Everything is therefore very simple on https://yfi2.club. Good earnings everyone!

Web site : https://yfi2.club
Twitter : https://twitter.com/Yfi2C
Discord : https://discord.gg/mz9uYCHsvb
Official telegram group: https://t.me/Yfi2Cclub
Telegram chain: https://t.me/Presentation_of_YFI2C
Etherscan address YFI2C : https://etherscan.io/token/0xdb665ab1D56B6821Aea7ca8F3BB2F7d805d4B1E1