The first pre-sale on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is live on! YFI2C / BNB Pool1

Only 750 YFI2C Tokens available on this Pool 1

  1. Go to our official YFI2C token sale page:
  2. After clicking on the link, please login with your preferred wallet. (Look at the picture below for reference)

3. Once you have connected through the correct link, the
following contract number will be seen under the pool name: 0xE93dEc6c98C55909F74cC9A930B71F1a3535EF13

4. You will then need to add the amount of BNByou wish to exchange for the $ YFI2C tokens. Then click on ‘Go’.

5. The last step is to confirm this transaction in your chosen wallet. Please be sure to set up higher gas costs to avoid any complications. Tokens will then be quickly added to your wallet. In case, $ YFI2C tokens do not reflect in your wallet, try adding a custom token instead.

More information on the sale

Name of the Token: YFI2C
Total number of tokens: 5 000
Сontract BSCscan:0xe93dec6c98c55909f74cc9a930b71f1a3535ef13
Hard cap: 150 BNB
Pre-Sale Tokens: 1350 (Pool 1 = 750 and Pool 2 = 600)

Duration for Pool 1: 15 Days (or once the bounce level is met)
Duration for Pool 2: 7 Days (or once the bounce level is met)

More details on the listing

Immediately after Pre-Sale YFI2C will be listed on PancakeSwap. 300 BNB out of the raised funds will go to the initial PancakeSwap liquidity. The price per Token is 1 BNB=3 YFI2C.

The totality of 300 BNB will go to the initial PancakeSwap liquidity.

Useful links to note :

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BSCscan address YFI2C :